Intermission: Procrastineur's Future

We're at a crossroads here

Hi friends! Welcome to “Procrastineur”, a newsletter about struggles and successes in modern entrepreneurship.

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It’s Thursday, July 8, 2021, and this week’s founder is me! (sort of). I’m thinking about a name change and maybe changing a little (not a lot) about what I write on in here. If you’re not interested in that, skip on down to the second section where I share a few of my tips. We’ll be back to business as usual next week!

Procrastineur (or not)

I came into this journey knowing nothing about newsletters (and I mean that - my working knowledge of newsletters was basically worthless). After 10 issues, I really do feel that we’ve gotten into a flow here. You have opened these emails and posts at fantastic rates and I am so thankful.

As to the name

I’ve been told by a number of different people that the name could use some work. ‘Procrastineur’ was meant to be fun and a little exciting. It refers, of course, to a mix between procrastinator and entrepreneur, but unfortunately that leads some people to a negative image instead of a fun one, and I can’t name a single person who we’ve featured who deserves a negative image. Our highlighted creators have been incredible.

So I’d like some help! I’ve thought of a few names: Elastic Entrepreneur, for example, since elastic thinking is the type required for us to imagine, and create, new methods of solving problems. A second name choice might focus around entrepreneurship in general - Towards Entrepreneurship, for example, or Investigating Innovation. Maybe Innovation Weekly? I’m really not sure. This is where you come in! Please comment if you have an idea or latch on to one someone else shares.

Of course, if you just love Procrastineur, let me know that too! I don’t necessarily have to change the name.

And the content

To keep this train moving, I’m hoping to start sharing a few more analytics in the issues. For example, 39% of people who received my last issue, featuring Kyleigh, opened it. That’s pretty good! 15% hit at least one link. 8% clicked on my profile. I delivered the email to 32 people and grew by another 4 subs this week. I had one person unsubscribe (and that’s ok!).

What do you think? Again, comments are loved. I’ll send you a free issue of [name tbd] next week for your efforts!

My advice. It’s my week, after all 😊

  • Always talk to your customers. In this case, that’s you! No purchase necessary :)

  • Share your stuff everywhere! Nobody is faulting you for creating something.

  • Creativity is NOT about being “creative”. It’s about putting enough ideas together to make you think, then combing through them and combining them until you make something worth chasing.

  • Your idea doesn’t have to be unique! Just build it.

Build on.



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