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Entrepreneurs build things. That’s what it’s all about!

In Procrastineur, we celebrate the steps that led our featured builders to their projects. Procrastineur showcases the highs and the lows of the journey that led these incredible people to their work today.

We’re inspired by stories about how a dental hygienist is now running her own marketing agency, how a mechanic has built software for sharing animal hauling space, and more.

Every builder has a story. We can all learn a lesson or two from their persistence. In your inbox, every Thursday.

Who writes Procrastineur?

Hi 👋 I’m Will.

My passion for entrepreneurship started with watching my dad run a cotton farm. Following his lead, I started a company during college (which I promptly failed). While you can’t find SpaceFox anywhere today, I learned that building things and making money on products you own is one of the hardest, most fulfilling journeys anyone can choose.

I started writing Procrastineur in April 2021 with the goal of connecting with, learning from, and sharing the stories of people building cool things.

Readers can expect excellence in each story. It’s my job to provide engaging writing and share the history behind our favorite products and businesses.

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